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 German shepherd puppies

Jasper 4.5 months old - Bark & hold!

About Us


I am a hobbyist German Shepherd trainer & breeder. 

I proudly own, train and tittles my dogs

 I strive to produce and maintain versatile German Shepherd Dogs which can work in various areas while maintaining excellent temperament and health. 

I am proudly members of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America & member of Galaxy IGP group


Puppies are here :) 

11/20/2019 the litter was born with 6 males & 1 female  

 Male: 4 dark sable, 1 sable & 1 bi color

Female: 1 bi color.

01/07/2020 Update:

All pups found their good homes.

 I will update in the future  of how these beautiful pups progess.

Jasper earn his BH at 03/2019.

 IGP1 title at 12/14/2019 with high in trial obedience and high IGP1. 

His IGP1 title  scores:  A 81, B 81, C 82

IGP2 at SW Regional 02 23 2020 scores: A 97, B 71, B 72

Abby's X-Ray Hip: SV: HD a-normal (a1) () - Elbows: SV: Normal  

Jasper's OFA grade with Hips: Good. Elbows: Normal

Both  DM tests are clear.

Jasper is train for IGP.

This litter’s parents bloodlines trace back to:

Pepper von Kap Karthago.

Dinoso vom Eisernen Kreuz.

Bolle Ja Na Ka.

Quardes von der Staatsmacht.

Leon von der Staatsmacht.

Sid vom Haus Pixner.

Urri z Kurimskeho haje.

Chester Eqidius.

Yucca von der Mohnwiese the famous bitch who produce the super litter with:

Debby-vom-Eisernen-Kreuz : 2017 German championship, second place. 2017 World champion WUSV First time ever a female is a champion!

Dinoso-vom-Eisernen-Kreuz: German top national compete many times, He also produce many litters all over the world with many of his offspring compete at national and world level!

Dina-vom-Eisernen-Kreuz: German top national compete many times, 2018 first place in German regional, 16 place German National.

Dexter vom-Eisernen-Kreuz: 2017 US National champion, number 10 at 2016 World Championship WUSV.

Quardes von der Staatsmacht, Leon von der Staatsmacht, Sid vom Haus Pixner Bolle Ja Na Ka , Urri z Kurimskeho haje. Chester Eqidius.

They been  proven produce nice temperament, strong offsprings,  you can found their offsprings compete every year at the world championship WUSV !

This litter's puppies would be suitable for sport IGP, French Ring, Personal protection, K9 or active families. 

This breeding  has strong sire, dam lines that are constantly successful at National championships as well as world championships. We expect this litter to producer  strong,  excellent temperament puppies.

Price is $1,500.00 for each puppy

Shipping is extra :  

You are only paid the actual cost of air plane & crate , there is no handling fee. Depend to where your area estimate some where between $350 to $500 

Deposit required to hold puppies $300 ( deposit is none refundable )

 AKC registration.

Health guaranteed 2 yrs for hips and elbows only with requirement vet proof and OFA verify results of hips and elbows to valid the health warranty. Buyer must preliminary with OFA at 12 - 14 months of age to valid the warranty contract, if these requirement not done in the timeline health warranty will be void.

10% discount for LEO, first responder , service men & women.

Please contact 909 503 3930 or email to for more detail.

Videos about the parents training at my kennel link:

Thanks for looking.

Jasper's Pedigree link:

Abby's Pedigree link:

Jasper love to do his training routines .

Training daily is necsecery for Working Line German Shepherd Dog.

We train our WL GSD for the sport call IGP ( (International Gebrauchshund Prufung = International Working / Practical Dog ( IPO ) Test)

 It used to call Schutzhund.

 the test is  ensuring that we consistently breed only the finest dogs and ensure that the German Shepherd dog continues to be the best and most versatile breed, later on it is became an sport with local, regional trials, national championship in US & world championship with many strong, top WL GSDs & their trainners, handlers compete at  world level.


It works like a team

The IGP sport require the dog and their handler perform three phases, which is tracking, obedience and protection, to able to compete these tasks the dogs and handlers must have the bonding, relationship as a team, they both must enjoy the work to have a good score to pass the test...

100 points is the maximum, 70 is the minimum for each phase, if the team fail in one phase the whole test is fail! 

TRACKING : The tracking phase includes a temperament test by the overseeing judge to assure the dog's mental soundness. When approached closely on a loose leash, the dog should not act shyly or aggressively. The track is laid earlier by a person walking normally on a natural surface such as dirt or grass. The track includes a number of turns and a number of small,  man made objects left by this person on the track itself. At the end of a 33 foot leash, the handler follows the dog, which is expected to scent  the track and indicate the location of the objects, usually by lying   down with it between its front paws. The tracking phase is intended to   test the dog's trainability and ability to scent, as well as its mental and physical endurance.

OBEDIENCE :The obedience phase includes a series of heeling exercises, some of which are closely in and around a group of people. During the heeling, there is a gun shot test to assure that the dog does not  openly react to such sharp noises. There is also a series of field   exercises in which the dog is commanded to sit, lie down, and stand while the handler continues to move. From these various positions,   the dog is recalled to the handler. With dumbbells of various weights, the dog is required to retrieve on a flat surface, over a one-meter hurdle, and over a six-foot slanted wall. The dog is also   asked to run in a straight direction from its handler on command and   lie down on a second command. Finally, each dog is expected to stay   in a lying down position away from its handler, despite distractions, at the other end of the obedience field, while another  dog completes the above exercises. All of the obedience exercises are tests of the dog's temperament, structural efficiencies, and, very importantly, its willingness to serve its owner.

PROTECTION: The protection phase tests the dog's courage, physical strength, and agility. The handler's control of the dog is absolutely essential. The exercises  include a search of hiding places, finding a hidden person (acting as a decoy), and guarding that decoy while the handler approaches. The dog is   expected to pursue the decoy when an escape is attempted and to hold the  grip firmly. The decoy is searched and transported to the judge with the handler and dog walking behind and later at the decoy's right side. When the decoy attempts to attack the handler, the dog is expected to stop the attack with a firm grip and no hesitation. The final test of courage   occurs when the decoy is asked to come out of a hiding place by the   dog's handler from the opposite end of the trial field. The dog is sent   after the decoy who is threatening the dog with a stick and charging at   the handler. All grips during the protection phase are expected to be   firmly placed on the padded sleeve and stopped on command and/or when the decoy discontinues the fight. The protection tests are intended to assure that the dog possesses the proper temperament for breeding.


Jasper tracking high grass


Jasper traffic heeling 


Jasper heeling


Jasper flat retrieve


Jasper heeling 1


Jasper retrieve over the 1 meter jump


Jasper long bite


Jasper bark & hold


Jasper over the A frame


2020 S W Regional Championship  OB routine


SW Regional Championship tracking with 97 points


2020 SW Regional Championship OB routine ( Retrieve ) 


2020 SW Regional Championship OB routine ( Send out ) 

2020 SW Regional Championship

2020 SW Regional Championship protection phase.

08 17 2019 Jasper blind search/ bark and hold